If you value results, expert skills throughout the property management process, communication virtually 24/7, high integrity and dealing with happy friendly people, you will choose Paradise Property as your management team. Their family team is remarkable. As I did my research to select a property manager, I was told by a number of their past and present clients that “you won’t even know you own the property”! And it is true! the only reminder I get is when the check shows up each month.

Tom B.San Rafael, CA

My partner and I utilized the services of Paradise Propertiesfor a period of five years in the management of an apartment building we owned in Sausalito. We found the service to be far superior to previous real estate management firms we used. I have also used Natasha and Dennis to assist me in the purchase of a second home in San Rafael, CA., and in addition to their good help, Dennis managed to save me an 17,000 off the purchase price. Natasha’s father, Rezo, is also an additional source of excellent information. A family business and I highly recomment it . John Lannom

John L.San Rafael, CA

Paradise Properties is a fantastic family run business. I have used them to find great renters for my properties and to purchase new rentals. Natasha is so nice and personable, she really works hard for everyone to be happy. They definitely take care of you and are very accommodating to your needs. Dennis has been great finding properties to purchase and making the whole process run smoothly. If you need a property manager or realtor they would be your best choice!

B L.Novato, CA

Natasha from Paradise Properties has taken care of my Tiburon house for the past 12 years (wow- sounds like half a century) while I was busy being an expat wife all over the world. Although I am pretty sure she takes care of quite a few properties, her approach is so personal, flexible and hands on, that I always feel she only works for me ! Over the years, our house went through a number of renovations, improvements etc, and she has always chosen the best path, communicating constantly, and always to trying to make it easy on me – financially and practically. TOTALLY recommending Paradise Properties, could not do it without them !

Gwenaelle D.Ivry-sur-Seine, France